Unarmed Security Guard Training


Alabama Unarmed Security Guard Training

In August 2010, Alabama joined the ranks with a majority of the other states to require that individuals wishing to be employed as a security guard apply for, and receive, an Alabama security guard license. Under Alabama law, the term "security officer" is most often used but is, by statute, declared to be the same as a "security guard," "security enforcement officer," "security protection officer," and "custom protection officer." The Alabama Security Regulatory Board (the "Board") has been vested with the authority to carry out the provisions of the Act.


Unarmed Security Guard Requirements


There are some basic requirements to become an Alabama security guard that apply to all applicants.  These requirements include: (a) being eighteen years of age or older, (b) obtaining a high school diploma (or an equivalency certificate), and (c) having a valid Alabama driver's license. An applicant must also submit to a FBI background check (using a valid social security number and submitting fingerprints), the results of which must show that there has been no felony convictions (i.e., the entry of a plea of guilty or a guilty verdict rendered by any court of competent jurisdiction), and certain misdemeanor offenses (i.e., any misdemeanor crime of violence or any misdemeanor offense involving moral turpitude) within five calendar years of their most recent conviction. M oral turpitude is defined in Alabama to mean any sexual offense, controlled substance offense, or any offense involving theft, theft of services, extortion, receiving stolen property, identity theft, forgery, negotiating worthless negotiable instruments, fraud, tampering with records, bribery, perjury, or any similar offense in any jurisdiction. Moreover, the Board is prohibited by statute from issuing a security guard license to any person who is required to register as a sex offender in any State.


Any person performing any security guard services for less than thirty calendar days in any given calendar year is exempt from the licensing requirements of the Act.

Initial Training And Licensing Requirements




Alabama requires that a person applying for a personal license as an unarmed security guard shall have successfully completed at least eight hours of approved classroom training with a Certified Trainer prior to applying for a security guard license.  Successful completion of this mandatory pre-license training course is determined by the applicant receiving an acceptable score on a written test related to the course subject matter.  Generally speaking, the training course teach the attendee various things such as when and where he or she can use force to defend a person or property, how to properly prepare written reports, how to report suspected or actual criminal activities to the authorities, and what to do in medical emergencies (i.e., how to administer first aid and CPR and fire emergencies.  The initial training course will also give the attendee a primer on various legal and ethical issues associated with the employment as a security guard in Alabama.


However, because this is a relatively new statutory requirement, there is a limited exception for those applicants employed as a security guard on a continuous basis for less than five years at the time the application is made.  All that employee needs to do to be exempt is to have a Certified Trainer certify that he or she has received at least eight hours of classroom training at any time during the current period of employment.


Keep in mind, however, that any training certificate, verification of training, certification of training, or any other training documentation or record provided to any attendee by a Certified Trainer must contain, at a minimum:  (1) the name of the course, (2) the date that the training was completed, (3) a declaration that the attendee successfully completed the course, and (4) the name, certification number, and original signature of the Certified Trainer who conducted the training.




To become licensed as an unarmed security guard in Alabama, you will need to fill out a personal license application, which is provided here. It is important to note that the forms need to be notarized by a duly-authorized notary public.


When submitting the security guard application, you will also need to submit:


(1) two, recent color pictures, separated, passport-style;


(2) proof of being over the age of 18 (i.e., a copy of a current state-issued driver's license or non-driver identification);


(3) proof of citizenship or resident alien status (i.e., a copy of a current state-issued driver's license or non-driver identification is sufficient);


(4) Board approved Certification of Training;


(5) Board Authorization For Release of Information;


(6) Criminal History Information Release Form;


(7) Applicant fingerprint cards with rolled fingerprints of applicant; and


(8) Certified check, money order, cashier's check for the following amounts: (a) $25.00 made payable to "ASRB" for the personal license fee; and (b) $44.25 made payable to the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (certified check, money order or cashier's check only).


The above-listed items should be submitted to the Board at:


Alabama Security Regulatory Board

610 S. McDonough Street

Montgomery, AL 36104.


Temporary Security Guard License:  Please note that all applicants for an Alabama unarmed security guard is required to retain a certified copy of the completed application as submitted to the Board as a temporary license until the license is issued or denied by the Board. The applicants are also required to carry their temporary license on their person at all times they are performing any services regulated by the Act until a license is issued or denied by the Board. A completed and notarized "Alabama Security Regulatory Board, Temporary Personal License" cut-/tear-off form located at the bottom of the last page of the Personal License Application serves to fulfill this requirement.

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